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Opalite Healing Crystal Bracelet | For Unblocking the Chakras

Opalite Healing Crystal Bracelet | For Unblocking the Chakras

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Opalite is revered for its ability to enhance intuition, clear energy blockages, and promote emotional balance. Its soothing and calming effects make it an ideal companion for those seeking inner peace and clarity. Share this meaningful gift with a loved one or adorn your own wrist, allowing the transformative power of Opalite to guide you on a journey of inner serenity and intuition.

Healing properties: Balances emotions, alleviates feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression, invites positive feelings 

Affirmation: I trust in my intuition and make choices that align with my highest good.

Element: Air

Chakra: Crown Chakra

Zodiac: Taurus, Libra

Planet: Venus

Colours: White

NOTE: Regularly Cleanse & Charge your crystals by holding it under flowing water and then  placing them in sunlight.

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Name: Opalite

Befitting: Serenity, Intuition, Clarity, Balance, Calmness

Chakra: Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra

Bead Size: 8mm

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