Building the stairs to the stars

‘Jo Purvajo ne bola hai vahi karo’ Par kyun?

Have you ever questioned the rituals that have been passed down by our ancestors? So have we! Hearing the same answer highlighted a key problem for us. Even though Astrology is and always has been enriched in our rich Indian culture, we are asked to follow blindly because the wisdom of our ancestors has somewhere gotten lost through the generations. And this has created a huge disconnect between us and our larger selves. 

Once we realised that there is a gap, our mission was right in front of our eyes, to build the stairs to the stars to reconnect this modern world to ancient wisdom by simplifying astrology. 

Since the beginning of Seetara, we have remained committed to this goal of using astrology to assist people in leading happier and more satisfying lives. Our unwavering focus on quality and advancement has allowed us to develop a faithful community of individuals who rely on us to deliver reliable and perceptive horoscopes, tailored consultations, and educational content on astrology and well-being, supported by a diverse selection of therapeutic products.